The Shisha Community promotes safe and responsible Shisha practices and keeps you informed on every aspect of Shisha. This way, you can be aware of what goes into the Shisha you enjoy and rest assured that it is safe.  Our research body, AIR, is strongly

Traditionally, Shishas are water pipes widely known to have originated in Asia. They have now made their way into multiple cultures around the globe. Shisha is now available in a wide variety of models and styles — from the more classic look to the cutting-edge

Coconut-Derived Charcoal May Be A Safer Option: Here’s Why In contrast to cigarettes, shisha is not burned, but it is heated at low temperatures using charcoal.  The temperature is dependent upon the charcoal type and the setup of the shisha head i.e., the quantity of

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list of HPHC’s is based on their research into the composition of tobacco and tobacco smoke and are linked to smoking-related diseases.    Exposure to HPHCs through the consumption of tobacco-containing shisha products is reduced compared to cigarettes for

It is a fact that not all tobacco and nicotine containing products present the same risks to human health. There is a significant difference in the health risks associated with cigarette smoking as compared to the use of smokeless products or nicotine replacement therapies.  The

AIR continuously invests in the development of technologies that can be used to reduce carbon monoxide or completely replace charcoal as a heating source, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing carbon monoxide in the Shisha cloud. In 2019, AIR published research comparing Shisha cloud derived from